All of Debbie's workshops are interactive and tailored to the client's specifications. Some of the most requested workshops are:

How to Think Like Leonardo daVinci. Come learn about the creative processes employed by some of history's greatest thinkers! From the writings of Leonardo daVinci to the methods of Walt Disney, the techniques and exercises in this fun workshop will revolutionize the way you approach problem-solving in your business and personal life. You'll sharpen your senses and your own unique intelligence, and tap into your creative potential.

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Change. This workshop introduces a model for understanding the transition (internal, psychological) process that accompanies the (external, physical) change process. Youíll gain insight into behaviors that might be expected as you navigate through change, and learn what you can do to help yourself and others facilitate progress.

Secrets of Successful Networkers. There's a saying that "behind every millionaire or President is a huge Rolodex!" -- the implication being that successful people are successful in part because of their large personal network. Networking is the time-honored process of creating connections between people we know in order to do such things as solve problems, gather information, help friends or get job leads. Learn what you can do today to become a successful networker -it will enhance your life!

Smart Risks: Balancing Courage with Caution in a Complex World. This workshop provides insight into how to make wise choices when it comes to intentional risks. Drawn from the experiences and expertise of successful risk-takers, youíll learn about principles you can use to make smart choices when taking risks, facing challenges with greater confidence and taking advantage of life's opportunities.

How to be CEO of Your Career. The job description of a CEO is to give direction toward the achievement of the organization's mission, values, strategy, and goals. This workshop inspires you to think of yourself as CEO of your career, strategically managing a business of value, and gives you practical tools for how to do it!

The Science of Happiness. This engaging workshop is based on the conclusions of researchers and scientists who have studied happiness to determine what it is, who has it and how anyone can get it. Participants will learn about key findings and explore how they can increase their chances of enjoying personal and professional fulfillment.

What We Think About, We Become. Through a series of exercises, this workshop helps you explore, identify and begin crystallizing your life and work goals so that you are more likely to attain those goals, while increasing your satisfaction in your home and work life.

Transforming Pain into Personal Power. Pain is an unavoidable, powerful part of human life. Loss...separation...a change in health...a change in relationship...Almost everyone will be confronted with a major life challenge at some point in life. This session helps you uncover tools that can help make pain work for you. Learn to tap into your own potential to rise to lifeís challenges -- and develop resiliency and personal power.

Interviewing Effectively: Tips and Tricks for Getting the Job You Want. This workshop offers seven keys that will increase your chances of interviewing well and getting the job! The interactive exercises will boost your confidence and prepare you to present your ìbest selfî in your next interview.

The Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI). With more than 50 years of research behind it, the MBTI is the most valid, reliable and widely used personality typing assessment in the world. It provides information regarding your preferred way of interacting in your environment, your method for gathering information and for making decisions. It will not only help you understand your motivations, your natural strengths, and your potential areas for growth, it will help you appreciate people who differ from you, and give you insights into how those differences can increase your workplace effectiveness.