"I couldn't be more pleased. Our staff is still talking about their experience and I can see a marked difference in the way they interact with each other. The results far exceeded my expectations!"
- Chief Clerk, House of Representatives

"Debbie was great at getting us to open up and get down to what was the real issue - the way we communicated with each other. She helped us to see that and understand ourselves and each other. Debbie has a talent skill for bringing dysfunctional teams together to work out the kinks."
- Confidential Secretary to cabinet level state agency director

"Debbie is experienced, highly perceptive, and has great skills as a communicator. She always gets results. Her preparation led to our success at the end of the day."
- P. Halliday, HR Manager, Washington State Gambling Commission

"Debbie and her partner, Sheila, worked with my leadership team for two years and they were fantastic! They helped us define our vision as we grappled with a huge organizational change. Our work with them formed the foundation for our future organization and helped us create a culture of accountability. We grew as individuals and as a leadership team. We learned to present a united front, a consistent message and to be accountable to each other first. I have hired dozens of consultants over the years, and they are far and away the best that I have ever hired."
- T. Miller, CIO, MedManage Systems

"She provided outstanding value - the most excellent, well-prepared, knowledgeable trainer that I have ever used."
- A. Flahaut, Accounts Payable Manager, Washington State Labor & Industries

"While assisting us with a complicated situation, Debbie's skills, energy and enthusiasm made her a perfect fit. She helped us see ourselves differently. With her help we created a focus and direction, which formed the foundation for our future organization. We benefited enormously from her services and I would definitely call upon her again in the future when the need arises."
- P. Tamayo, CIO, Washington State Retirement Systems

"Thanks so much for helping us strategize the workshops and facilitate our worldwide marketing conference. Your involvement and dedication during the planning stage of the event was essential. You helped us to stay focused and guided us through the process; your leadership skills were much appreciated. Even though we made last minute changes to the content of our sessions, you had made it seamless to our audience. The workshops were highly rated by all attendees and 100% of our survey respondents said that they would recommend you at our event next year. Thank you!"
- M. Chan Jones, Small Business Marketing Manager, Microsoft